Fortune Favours The Bold

2018 CD Released by Rock Company

Recorded at Toneshed Studio
Produced, mixed and mastered by Erwin Hermsen

Francis van der Hoff – lead and backing vocals
Luc van Rens – lead & rhythm guitars
Sander Stappers – bass guitar
Carl Vereijken – drums

Martin Haenen – additional lead guitars on “Adrenaline Takes Control”, “Out To Lunch” and “Rushed To The Bone”

All music and lyrics by Sander Stappers except “Fall From Grace”, “Fortune Favors The Bold”, “Adrenaline Takes Control” and “My Will Be Done”: Music by Sander Stappers and Luc van Rens.

1. Chasing Deaf 1:14
2. Fall From Grace 3:23
3. Fortune Favors The Bold 3:48
4. Adrenaline Takes Control 4:24
5. Forwards You Move 5:58
6. Out To Lunch 3:22
7. My Will Be Done 4:39
8. Rushed To The Bone 3:41
9. Pennsylvania 3:05
10. The Subject Of Your Crime 5:00