Souls Of Deaf was originated by Sander Stappers (bass guitar) back in 2015 when he first started writing songs of what now will become the first album "Fortune Favors The Bold". Having found partners in crime Luc van Rens (guitar), Carl Vereijken (drums) and Francis Van Der Hoff (vocals) and rehearsing only twice as a band in October and December 2017, Early january these four musicians finished the recordings of their debut album at the Toneshed Recording Studio. The album will be released May 11th 2018 via Rock Company. Expect massive hard rock that on one hand harks back to the sound of the big names from the eighties, yet stays firmly rooted in the now. Souls Of Deaf harbors many decades of musical prowess since all of its members have been active in the heavy segment of the music business for years.